Sacred Sight (2021) for solo piano, variable length

Ascent to Broken Light (2020) for solo violin, 5'

Cavern (2018) for solo cello, variable 

Floating Sands (2018) for solo piano, variable



Vast Lakes Remix (2020)   

The Silent Sea (2019), electronic 

Roses Ocean and Waves (2018), piano, strings, bells, Max MSP, 4' 

Sinew and Mind (2017), 4 violins, 2 celli, organ, synthesizer, 5' 

The Veil (2016), piano, with variable instrumentation, 7'30" 




Wildwood (2021) for string trio, variable length

Fool's Fire (2020) for violin and piano, 6"

Vast Lakes (2020) for bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone and tenor voice, 6'

Awakening (2019),  piano, violin, cello, 4'30"

Memory (2019) piano, violin, cello, 6"

Guardian (2019) piano, violin and cello, 5'

The Void (2019) chamber ensemble- amenable to various instrument combinations, variable

Bare Trees (2018) chamber ensemble- amenable to various instrument combinations, variable

Floating Sands (2018) arr. for piano, violin, cello, variable 

Ancestors (2018), flute and pitched percussion, variable

Ancestors (2018), arr. for violin, cello, piano, variable

Junkyard (2018), string quartet, variable

The Enemy (2018), bass voice, cello and double bass, 1'

Soft Places (2017), for violin and piano, 4'


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